You’re a mum. And you have a business. Or two or even three.

Not surprisingly, you find yourself busy a lot of the time. Your business is growing, which is great!

But…what the heck happened to your free time? Where did it all go?

Or maybe you find yourself procrasti-baking. You have a huge to-do list, and none of it sounds like fun. So you turn to Pinterest with your sweet tooth begging you to bake a nice chocolate mud cake, hoping that the list will sort itself out, or better – just disappear.

And then you feel guilty because you’re avoiding your business. So you spend more time in your business, and feel guilty that you’re not spending time with your family. So you spend time with your family, and business slows down.

You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions with no way out.

What if you could get your to-do list done, AND spend time with your family, AND bake that mud cake?

You can.

Hi! I’m Mel, a WordPress and online systems expert.

I work with mums who want to create a business that supports their family, but can’t find the time to do everything.

I help you integrate systems into your website to work behind-the-scenes, so you’ll have more time to focus on business tasks that make money, do the things you love, and spend time with your family.

Here are just a few services I provide:

  • General bookkeeping (receipt entry, sending invoices, reconciling bank accounts)
  • Updating WordPress core, plugins, and themes
  • Social media, newsletter, and blog post scheduling
  • Integrate WordPress with external programs such as Buffer, MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Set up your website for e-commerce
  • Transcription

Ready to breathe easy?

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Australian Nappy Association

As a small but committed team of volunteers, we found that we were spreading ourselves too thin and struggling to maintain vital channels of communication with our members and consumers.

We’ve been very happy with Mel’s efficiency and professionalism. We now have the blog updated regularly and a newsletter sent out fortnightly. While we provide the content, Mel ensures it goes where it needs to go and looks great. This allows our members to feel valued and informed by our
organisation which is a vital communication process for our community.

Australian Nappy Association

Jacquelyn Atkins

I had 2 WordPress blogs that I wanted to consolidate into a new WordPress website that could be used for my life coaching business. I had no idea how to go about that nor the time to learn how to do it!

Mel’s knowledge and skill in this area has meant that all I need to do is jot my ideas in an email and she will find a way of implementing them. I love that even if Mel didn’t know, she researched it and found a way. Mel has been the greatest gift to me in setting up my website.

Mel’s expertise has saved me weeks of time. By Mel dealing with the technical side of the website, I was freed up to create the content.

Jacquelyn Atkins Life coach

Cassandra Liplyn

My Website was clunky to use, and when it crashed, I needed a good solution fast.

Mel has kept me informed the entire way, and was very quick and efficient in getting what I had as a thought into a working site. I no longer feel my shopping cart is clunky, and it is now a fresh looking customer-friendly site. Mel provided everything I wanted and more. I couldn’t have asked for better service.


Julia Jones

I was always behind with my bookkeeping including BAS and Tax returns. I am no good with numbers and found it all very stressful. It’s really great to know Mel takes care of everything. I never have to think about my bookkeeping now, it just happens and if Mel needs anything she lets me know. Mel has freed up my time to do more high leverage action, and reduced my stress levels too!

Newborn Mothers

Eva Van Strijp

When I went looking for a VA, I wanted someone who could help me out with a plethora of small jobs that I just don’t have time for or struggle to do. Things like website maintenance, service research, blog scheduling and bookkeeping. The great thing about Mel is that she’s an all-rounder. She really can be your right-hand woman and complete a multitude of tasks.

Mel has been efficient, professional and a really solid member of my team from the very start. Quite simply, she can do almost anything! If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find it or find someone who does. I now have more time to work on my business, rather than in it!

Oz Baby Trends

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