People have many different reasons to blog.

I started blogging waaaaay back in…you know what? I don’t even remember the year. My personal blog goes back as far as April of 2003, but I know I was blogging for a couple of years before that.

But I refused to call it a blog back then. Nope, because blogging was the new, trendy thing, and I don’t like anything that’s trendy.

Seriously. Anything that gets hugely hyped up, I tend to snub it. I’m just kind of a rebel that way.

I have NEVER seen Titanic, for instance.

But anyway. Back then, I was just writing about my life. I didn’t have a business. I had a regular ol’ job like most people do. So I mainly blogged for my friends and family to read what I was up to.

When I moved overseas from the United States to Australia, that became even more important. I didn’t have Facebook yet – heck, I barely had Myspace – so my blog was a huge part of how I kept in touch with the people I’d left behind.

Fast forward to now. My personal blog has been largely neglected (although I do remember to run updates now and then, like a good little webmistress). My ten year old posts more on my blog now than I do, because he wants to show off what he’s made in Minecraft.

But I’m still blogging. This post you’re reading is obvious proof of that.

I thought this week I’d talk about some of the reasons that I’ve had for blogging. You might find some that work for you, too!

5 reasons to blog

5 Reasons to Blog

Let people know what you’re up to. This, of course, was my first reason for blogging. I wanted to write about what was happening in my life, what I thought about things, and rant about things that went wrong.

Establish yourself as an expert. This is one of the most common reasons to blog for business. The more content you have on your site, the more people believe you. And if they believe you, they’re more likely to turn to you for help when they need it.

Something’s annoyed you. Often when you’re annoyed or upset about something, the words just flow like a garden hose that someone forgot to turn off. You can’t NOT write how annoyed you are with another blogger’s post, or current events, or a the lady who stole your park at the shops.

You worked something out that can help other people. This is why I wrote about how I fired BackupBuddy a few weeks ago. I didn’t want you to go through the same hassle I’d had, so I wrote about something I’d found that’s better.

Shameless self-promotion. Nothing wrong with this! It’s your blog after all, so talk about what you’re selling! You wanna monetize your blog? Go for it!

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5 reasons to blog

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