Five WordPress Myths that Need to Die

Heard any good WordPress myths lately? I have! And they make me want to beat my head against a brick wall. See, WordPress is so common, so widely used, and so EASY above all, that some people get it a bit wrong. And some get it a LOT wrong. So today, I'm going to...

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Website hackers: How to Stop them

It's something most of us worry about: what if one of the thousands of website hackers gets into your website and plays merry hob with your data? Most of us have worked too long and hard on our websites to risk losing everything to somebody who wants to cause problems...

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My business planning system for 2018

Happy new year! Do you have a business planning system for 2018? If you don't, it's not too late to get one! I know - it can be totally overwhelming to do business planning for a whole year ahead of time. Who knows what the future holds? How can we know if the project...

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My top 3 blogging habits

Do you have good blogging habits? Good habits are key to anything you want to do well. Blogging is no different. My top 3 blogging habits Brainstorming. Every now and then, I do a big blog brainstorm. I write out every possible topic I can think of that my readers...

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5 reasons to blog

People have many different reasons to blog. I started blogging waaaaay back know what? I don't even remember the year. My personal blog goes back as far as April of 2003, but I know I was blogging for a couple of years before that. But I refused to call it a...

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Cloud Accounting: Xero vs. Wave Apps

When it comes to bookkeeping for your business, you've got a lot of options. Many small business owners are moving to cloud accounting software, and with good reason. It's accessible anywhere - not just on your computer, but on your bookkeeper's or accountant's...

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