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Counting down to the launch of Piece of Cake: 42 Simple Systems For Your Business in 2 more weeks! This week, I’m sharing another excerpt detailing something that’s helped me over the last couple of years – a big wall calendar. Enjoy!

A big full year wall calendar, with different colours for different things, is especially great if you’re visually motivated. You can see at a glance when everything is coming up, and whether you’ve spaced things too close together or too far apart.

I’ve been using Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year calendar for the last couple of years, but you can get something similar at any office supply store. When I set it up, the first thing I do is write in all the public holidays and special family days (birthdays and anniversaries). I also write in due dates for things like my tax, and when my invoices go out each month (more on this in chapter 4).

After I’ve written down all of these concrete dates, I dig out my highlighters.I colour in all the school holidays one colour, and all the days I’m taking off another colour. Whenever I look at the calendar, I can see quickly when my next day off is.

This year, I’ve been experimenting with coloured sticky notes as well. I used one colour for any information products I wanted to create this year – such as this ebook. Then, I stuck them on my calendar on the weeks I wanted to launch them.

The nice thing about using sticky notes is that you can move them wherever you want, whenever you want! You might want to move things around a bit before you decide on definite dates for things. Perhaps you want to take a week off in October for a holiday, but you haven’t decided yet which week it’s going to be. Put it on a sticky note on one of the weeks you’re considering. Then, when you decide for sure, you can write it in ink, highlight the dates, or whatever your unique system is.

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