Heard any good WordPress myths lately? I have! And they make me want to beat my head against a brick wall.

See, WordPress is so common, so widely used, and so EASY above all, that some people get it a bit wrong. And some get it a LOT wrong.

So today, I’m going to dispel 5 commonly believed WordPress myths. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite a ride!

WordPress Myths #1

I can set up my website and not have to do anything to it ever again. You can’t just ignore your website. It’s the same as turning your back on your toddler for 5 minutes.

Isn’t it funny how a toddler can do more in five unsupervised minutes than most adults can do in a whole day? Empty an entire roll of toilet paper into your friend’s toilet (including the cardboard tube). Empty an entire bookshelf onto the floor. Destroy his big brother’s latest Lego creation.

The same thing can happen with your website. If you leave your website unattended, hackers can get in, because you’ve probably left plugins outdated, theme outdated, and/or your WordPress version outdated. When that happens, you’re going to have a heck of a time recovering. So at least once a week, go into your website, check what updates you have, and update the software.

WordPress Myths #2

My website won’t get hacked because (insert your own BS reason here). According to Internet Live Stats, over 90,000 websites get hacked every day. There are almost two billion websites online at the moment with more being added every second. Even if those numbers never increased, it would take 60 years for the hackers to get through every website at that rate.

However the World Wide Web has already been around for 29 years. So if your website hasn’t been hacked yet, you’re one of the lucky ones, and it’s only a matter of time until one of your sites will get hacked.

Everyone’s website will get hacked at some point. You have to act as if your website will get hacked because it’s highly likely that it will.

WordPress Myths #3

It doesn’t matter which web host you sign up with because they’re all pretty much the same. This is a lie. Web hosts vary in all kinds of ways – from their price, to the server capacity, to the customer service rating, and even more than that.

If you sign up with a cheap host just to get your foot in the door because you have a low budget, fair enough, but expect problems. Often the cheapest hosts don’t pride themselves on customer service. They have to cut out something to make it so cheap so you have to ask yourself what they’re skimping on.

So do your homework and check out which web hosts are the best ones. Many web hosts are only $5 a month these days and you can get a lot of good features and good service from places like Siteground (affiliate link). I’ve had very good experiences with my clients who have Siteground websites and I’ve recently moved there myself.

WordPress Myths #4

If my website breaks and I haven’t touched it, it’s not my fault. Actually, yes it is. If you’re driving your car and you never take it in for an oil change, one day it’s going to stop working, just like my friend Renee’s car did.

It was her first car and she didn’t realise that she needed to check the oil. So one day when she finished work and went out to her car, it wouldn’t start. She had to call her dad, who checked everything out and told her that the car had run out of oil and now the engine was ruined.

If you leave your website alone, like I mentioned earlier, it will break. Hackers target websites with outdated software. So if you haven’t run updates on your WordPress site in a long time, chances are you’ll have several vulnerabilities waiting for a hacker to break in and wreak havoc on your website.

Even though most of these hacks are just vanity hacks, as in they’re trying to get in just to prove that they can, it’s a nuisance to get rid of what they’ve done afterward. So do yourself a favour. Go into your WordPress dashboard at least once a week and do your updates.

WordPress Myths #5

It’s my web host’s responsibility to backup my website. It’s their server after all. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It may be their server, but YOU are renting their space.

If you rent an apartment, your landlord won’t be responsible if you forget to lock up your apartment and someone gets in and trashes the place. Who’s responsible in that case? You are.

Now some web hosts do run backups for the clients, but you have to check that out for yourself to find out if your web host does run backups for you. Even if your web host does run backups, it’s still a good idea to run your own. Any backup is better than no backup, but the more backups, the better.

These five WordPress myths, and many more, are why I created Whip Website Worries: The easiest way to make your WordPress site hack-resistant, even if you’re not tech savvy. If you are afraid of your website, or get overwhelmed when you’re in your dashboard at all the options on the left hand panel, or even if you’ve never been into your WordPress dashboard before, this course is for you.

This course will help you:

  • backup your website,
  • update your plugins, themes, and core WordPress safely, and
  • protect your website from hackers and recover quickly when they do get in – because they will get in

Plus if you’re one of the first 10 people to join, you will get a custom plugin audit. This is where I go into your website and look at your plugins. I will tell you which ones you can keep, which ones to get rid of, and which ones to replace. But only the first 10 people to join the course will get the plugin audit.

Ready to join? Go check out Whip Website Worries now!

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