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Mum’s Everything Planner

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Mum’s Everything Planner

Homeschooling. Doctor’s appointments. Soccer practice. Meal planning. Staying within the grocery budget. And so. much. laundry.

This is your life as a mother. How do you keep it all under control?

Well, I can’t come over and do your laundry for you, but I can help you organise your life a little better. Enter the Mum’s Everything Planner.

Inside the pages of the MEP, you’ll find:

  • Monthly budget pages to help you stay on track with your money, so you don’t end up with too much month at the end of your money.
  • Weekly spreads with meal planning, inventory, and shopping list sections, so you always know what’s for dinner without having to spend $50 on pizza delivery
  • Daily water tracker, so you can remind yourself to stay hydrated
  • Clothing size tracker for all the members of your family, which you can carry with you when you go clothes shopping. You’re welcome.
  • A birthday party planning page
  • A family trip planner
  • Event planner

Write down all your appointments, events, classes, etc. in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening boxes each day. This way, it’s easier to make a meal plan, because you know which days you need something quick and easy, and which days you can make something a little more elaborate.

Jot down your kitchen inventory in the ‘inventory’ section of each weekly spread. Then create your meal plan from that. Last, create a shopping list from the ingredients you’re missing from your meal plan. Easy!

On the budget pages, you can note your expected income for the month to come, and then write down each category in the list. Start assigning numbers to each category and subtract as you go. When you’re finished, you should end up with 0.

Plan your holidays/vacation with the holiday planner page! You can set a budget and allocate that to different categories, such as accomodation, travel, and food.

Sale price is valid until January 31.

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