All prices on this page are in Australian dollars. US dollar quotes available on request!

WordPress Security Checkup

For AUD $130, I’ll get your security sorted:

  • Get regular backups happening
  • Install a security plugin
  • Run all your updates

Newsletter scheduling

You want to communicate with your readers, but you’re running out of time to do everything, and Mailchimp gives you a headache. No worries – just pick one of these packages depending on your needs, get the content to me at least a week before sending, and I’ll get it sorted for you. I’ll send out a test email before it goes to your list so you can request any changes or additions.

  • 1 per month: AUD $60
  • 2 per month: AUD $110
  • 1 per week: AUD $200
  • Unlimited (good for a month when you’re launching or having a big sale!): AUD $500

Blog scheduling

Send me your content and I’ll schedule your blog posts for you!

  • 1 per month: AUD $60
  • 2 per month: AUD $110
  • 1 per week: AUD $200

WordPress services

If all you need are backups, updates, and security monitoring, the Secure Site System is for you. For AUD $75 a month (or $750 for the full year in advance), I’ll set up regular backups, monitor your website for downtime and security, run all your updates weekly, and provide up to an hour of tech support (installing/removing plugins, changing settings, fixing minor issues).

New WordPress sites

Looking for a whole site redesign, or setting up a site for a new business, course, or product? Depending on your budget, time, and skills, I’ve got 3 options:

  • Barebones site – I’ll install WordPress, a few essential plugins, and the Divi theme within 48 hours of receipt of web hosting login details. You’ll do the rest. AUD $270
  • Work Together – I’ll do all the heavy lifting (installation & configuration), and you can add your own content. Estimated completion within a month. AUD $1000
  • Not My Problem – You don’t have to touch the website unless you want to. You’ll provide content and graphics, and I’ll put them where you want them. Completion within 2 months. AUD $2000

Prefer to pay in USD? Not a problem! I’m happy to invoice you in either currency.