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So it’s nearly December, and I know a lot of small biz owners take some time off over the holidays. I know I am.

In fact, I’ve been taking time off for a while now, because by now, hopefully I have a new baby! (I actually wrote this post back in September when I was still pregnant!)

Some breaks are planned. Some are unplanned but necessary. Either way, there’s one thing that’ll help you get through the break without breaking your business.

Systems. Wait – don’t run away! It’s not as boring as it sounds. 🙂

Systems will make it easier to start the break. Systems will make it easier to return from the break and get back into things. And, if you have someone filling in for you while you’re away – you guessed it, systems will make that easier, too.

Systems for your small biz

If you’re the only one in your business, then the first system I’d recommend you put in place for your break is an automated email response. Something to tell your clients, customers, or creditors that you’re on a break, and when you’ll be back.

Another important system to have is a bill paying system. You want to make sure that all your bills will be paid while you’re away. Look at your list of regular bills, and work out how much money you need in your bank or PayPal account to cover them while you’re away. Then, either pay them before you go on your break, or set up automatic payments.

Depending on the type of break you’re taking, you may also want to schedule some blog, newsletter, or social media content ahead of time. Another term for this is ‘batching.’ It can make your online presence look like everything is still going, when you’re actually on a beach or at a cabin in the woods – or wherever you like to relax!

Then, after you return from your Christmas break/maternity leave/holiday, you’ll find it helpful to have more systems set up to help you get back into the swing of things. Sometimes it’s really hard to return to business as usual after you’ve had so much fun!

Things like canned email responses, or new client/customer processes, will ease you back into things. Even a simple to-do list is a system!

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