Do you have good blogging habits?

Good habits are key to anything you want to do well. Blogging is no different.

My top 3 blogging habits

Top 3 blogging habits

Brainstorming. Every now and then, I do a big blog brainstorm. I write out every possible topic I can think of that my readers would want to read about.

Now, I don’t use ALL of these ideas as blog posts, but it gets the creative juices flowing. I try to come up with about six months’ worth of blog topics before I ever start writing any posts.

If I notice several topics in a similar niche, I might turn those into a series. Or, if I can’t write enough content on a couple of similar topics, I might combine them into just one post.

Batching. After I’ve got a big list of topics, and I’ve sorted out which ones to write when, I’ll sit down at my computer on a day and just write. Usually I can churn out 2-3 blog posts in one sitting.

After I’ve written the posts, I’ll go into Stencil and whip up the graphics. Again, I do it all at once, so I don’t have to shift gears and lose momentum.

Finally, I go into Mailchimp and schedule my newsletters. Yep, you guessed it – all of them at once, and I don’t have to think about it again!

Automatic sharing to social media. This is something that I set up once on Zapier, and it runs every 15 minutes to check for new posts. When Zapier finds a new post on my blog, it shares that link with the featured image to Facebook and Pinterest.

What are your best blogging habits?

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Top 3 blogging habits

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